Wheat Grass Eggs – Great Project for Earth Day & Easter!

Growing wheat grass has its nutritional benefits and adds a certain springiness to a sunny room.
This time of year, this project is a perfect complement to Earth Day AND Easter so here we go!

You will need:
Paring Knife
A carton of eggs
Wheat seeds
Planting soil
Planting rocks

Adults; To remove the top of the egg, carefully make a couple slits about 1/4 of the way down from the top of each egg.
Pour out the egg contents and save for a frittata 😉
At this point, gently wash out all of the eggs with a salt-water mixture and let them  dry in the sun for a few hours.

Now bring the kids in;  Under adult supervision, have kids place small rocks in each egg.  3-4 rocks per egg will do!
This will help with water drainage.
It’s time to add a small layer of planting soil and then a layer of wheat seeds.
Cover them with more soil, add water and find a sunny space for the carton of eggs!

Keep an eye out because sprouts will pop in about 3 days and you will have actual wheat grass in a week! 

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Thank you to Momtastic for the DIY project!

🙂 Heather